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Natyamayuri Anjali

Swasthi dance academy is a dance school based in kasaragod, Kerala. The academy was founded in 2017 by natyamayuri anjali a famous dancer of Kerala. She is the national winner of several laurels, The main aim of swasthi is to support and promote the south indian classical dance forms.

Natyamayuri Deva Parijatham Rajahamsam

National Awards

All India Artist Association Dance Festival Bilai

1st Prize

All India Artist Association Dance Festival Shimla

1st Prize

Our Classes

Classical dance is a great art because of it has no caste, religion, gender difference and age limit. Anyone over the age of three can join to learn dance. They learn basic dance steps and punctuality from this batch. After that they will promote to higher batches.


Bharathanatyam is the classical dance of Tanjavoor (Tamil Nadu).it was known as the "Dassiyattam".The name 'Bharathanatyam'was derived from 3 basic concepts of Bhava, Raga, Tala. The dance performed on the stage as Nritta, Nritya, and Natya.



Make members of Brahmin community in Kuchupudi. Village of Andrapredesh used to perform this dance form more or less resebles. Bhagavad mela of melathur and is about 300 years old.


Mohiniyattam is the traditional dance form of Kerala. It is only women take part. Lasya mode of dance is mainly used here

ClassesPatanjali yoga

Patanjali yoga

Special Yoga classes for children and adults with traditional concepts which inclides Asanas, Paranayama, Meditation, Bandhas, Kriyas


What Students Says

What our students and their parents saying about Swasthi Dance Academy.

“My daughter is learning the renowned ‘Kalakshetra’ style of barathnatyam from Swasthi and very satisfied to the details with which classes are taught there.”

Mrs. Prasitha

“Teacher takes care of the kids and establishes a Guru-Shishya relationship. It is a wonderful experience, and we love it!”

Mrs. Anitha

“Anjali is an extremely graceful dancer and I hope in a couple of years, my daughter learns to dance gracefully like Anjali.”

Mrs. Sumathi